Breathe Again Inhaler

Stuffy nose? Congested? Cold and flu season? Our Breathe Again inhaler is designed to help alleviate congestion and discomfort from cough and cold symptoms, helping to provide quick and soothing relief. The invigorating vapours of this aromatic blend of essential oils brings soothing comfort to your stuffy nose, helping you to breathe clearly again. Small enough to fit right in your pocket, aromatherapy inhalers are great for travel and on-the-go, perfect for the office or the airplane. To use, hold one nostril closed and place inhaler just under the nose and inhale deeply. Repeat with other nostril. Use as often as needed. Breathe Again inhaler should last 2-3 months depending on frequency of use and if lid is replaced immediately and securely after each use.

Proprietary blend of essential oils


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