Hi there, I'm Jennifer, the one-woman show behind The Coconut Theory.
I'm a perfectionist, an organizer and planner, self-disciplined and always making an effort to do the right thing. I love Jesus, my family, coffee, a good book, quiet time and movies. Oh and 85% dark chocolate. Like daily. I love finding the perfect accent piece for seasonal decorating. I used to work in my family's health food store as well as consulted with clients for EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll) testing. After starting a family, it made sense to be home and work from here. The Coconut Theory was born, a natural extension of my passion for natural and healthy living. All products are made by hand, using only quality ingredients that are organic when possible, designed to nourish the skin and give you the health benefits you need. I create all the labelling for the product, manage the website and advertise on social media. It's a busy life and I love it! Thanks for stopping by and seeing a glimpse of my world, I hope it encourages you to shop natural whenever you can.